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  • Artist: Suzi Quatro
  • Label: Chrysalis
  • Number of Discs: 8
  • UPC: 5060516097135
  • Item #: 2475019X
  • Genre: Rock
  • Release Date: 5/27/2022
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The Rock Box 1973 - 1979 on CD

7CDs, 1 DVD and 56pp booklet. '"Suzi Quatro is a legend and icon of feminism in what was a male dominated genre at the time in the 1970s. Over the course of her 50-year career, she has sold over 50 million records worldwide released, covering 18 studio albums and 63 singles. Bursting onto the rock scene in 1973 with the UK number one hit 'Can The Can', she continued a long string of hits singles including, 48 Crash, Daytona Demon, Devil Gate Drive, The Wild One, If You Can't Give Me Love to name a few. Over the course of her career, she has inspired so many female artists ranging from Joan Jett, Tina Weymouth (Talking Heads/Tom Tom Club), Chrissie Hynde (The Pretenders), The GoGos and continues to inspire today with the likes of KT Tunstall. She has also had an active acting career in the 1970s comedy 'Happy Days' where she played the part of Leather Tuscadero, on stage in 'Annie Get Your Gun' to presenting TV and radio programs for the BBC and was inducted into the Michigan Rock And Roll Hall of Fame. Suzi continues to record and tour to this day and returns to the London stage, headlining the Royal Albert Hall on 20th April 2022 and will be touring throughout 2022 and 2023. This 8 disc box set covers her 6 studio albums and a live album from 1973 to 1979, along with a DVD featuring select promo clips, Top Of The Pops performances and a concert from Japan in 1975, along with a 56 page booklet with exclusive personal recollections from both Suzi and guitarist Len Tuckey as well as a biography written by The Guardian's Dave Simpson. CD1 - Suzi Quatro - 1. 48 Crash 2. Glycerine Queen 3. Shine My Machine 4. Official Suburbian Superman 5. I Wanna Be Your Man 6. Primitive Love 7. All Shook Up 8. Sticks And Stones 9. Skin Tight Skin 10. Get Back Mamma 11. Rockin' Moonbeam 12. Shakin' All Over. Bonus Tracks:13. Rolling Stone 14. Brain Confusion (For All The Lonely People) 15. Ain't Got No Home 16. Can The Can 17. Ain't Ya Somethin' Honey 18. Little Bitch Blue. 19. Daytona Demon 20. Roman Fingers 21. Free Electric Band - Studio Take CD2 - Quatro - 1. The Wild One 2. Keep-A-Knockin' 3. Too Big 4. Klondyke Kate 5. Savage Silk 6. Move It 7. Hit The Road Jack 8. Trouble 9. Cat Size 10. A Shot of Rhythm & Blues 11. Friday Bonus Tracks:12. Devil Gate Drive 13. In The Morning 14. I Wanna Be Free 15. The Wild One [Single Version] 16. Shake My Sugar 17. Angel Flight 18. The Wild One - Dry Mix CD3 - Your Mamma Won't Like Me - 1. I Bit Off More Than I Could Chew 2. Strip Me 3. Paralysed 4. Prisoner of Your Imagination 5. Your Mamma Won't Like Me 6. Can't Trust Love 7. New Day Woman 8. Fever 9. You Can Make Me Want You 10. Michael Bonus Tracks: 11. Peter, Peter 12. Red Hot Rosie 13. I May Be Too Young 14. Don't Mess Around CD4 - Aggro-Phobia - 1. Heartbreak Hotel 2. Don't Break My Heart 3. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) 4. What's It Like To Be Loved 5. Tear Me Apart 6. The Honky Tonk Downstairs 7. Half As Much As Me 8. Close The Door 9. American Lady 10. Wake Up Little Susie. Bonus Tracks:1. Tear Me Apart - Alt. Single Version 12. Close Enough To Rock N Roll 13. Same As I Do 14. Roxy Roller 15. I'll Grow On You 16. Kids Of Tragedy 17. Miss America (American Lady Montreux Mix) 18. Half As Much As Me 19. Tear Me Apart - Montreux Mix CD5 - Live And Kickin' - 1. The Wild One 2. The Honky Tonk Downstairs 3. Heartbreak Hotel 4. Half As Much As Me 5. Cat Size 6. Make Me Smile (Come Up And See Me) 7. American Lady 8. Glycerine Queen 9. What's It Like To Be Loved 10. Can The Can. 11. Devil Gate Drive 12. Roxy Roller 13. Tear Me Apart 14. Keep-A Knockin' CD6 - If You Knew Suzi... - 1. Don't Change My Luck 2. Tired of Waiting 3. Suicide 4. Evie 5. The Race Is On 6. If You Can't Give Me Love 7. Breakdown 8. Non-Citizen 9. Rock And Roll Hoochie Koo 10. Wiser Than You 11. Stumblin' In Bonus Tracks:12. Cream Dream 13. A Stranger With You 14. Sweet Little Rock And Roller 15. Born To Run. 16. Sweet Nothings CD7 - Suzi... And Other Four Letter Words - 1. I've Never Been In Love 2. Mind Demons 3. She's In Love With You 4. Hollywood 5. Four Letter Words 6. Mama's Boy 7. Starlight Lady 8. You Are My Lover 9. Space Cadets 10. Love Hurts DVD -Promos: 1. 48 Crash 2. Can The Can 3. Tear Me Apart 4. If You Can't Give Me Love 5. Stumblin' In Top Of The Pops: 6. Can The Can. 7. The Wild One 8. Devil Gate Drive. 9. Tear Me Apart 10. Roxy Roller 11. If You Can't Give Me Love 12. The Race Is On. 13. She's In Love With You Live In Japan:14. I May Be Too Young 15. Cat Size (Audio Over Film). 16. Your Mamma Won't Like Me 17. Jailhouse Rock 18. Glycerine Queen 19. Can The Can 20. Devil Gate Drive